Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Little About My Internship

So for those of you who don't know, I'm attending college and working my way to attain a B.A. in Psychology. I want to possibly get a minor in Criminal Justice, but I haven't quite decided yet if that's what I want to do. I took it upon myself to search for an internship job that would help me get the experience that I would need once I graduate. After looking around I did find one that would give me the experience I would need and it was just a really good opportunity for me. I chose to be an intern with the Rape Crisis Intervention Center.

At first I was a little skeptical, it is a subject that is not very much talked about in our society and so that scared me a little bit. Also, I would have to commit a lot of my time to it, without getting paid, 6 months with 36 hrs each month worth of commitment. So in order for me to start working on the Rape Crisis Line I had to do 55 hours of training. Which is acceptable, since I had no knowledge really about how to help a person who is in crisis. 

During the training I learned so much. I also met lots of willing and committed interns who were going through the same training as I was, which was a relief in a way. I wasn't going to be doing this alone. The training wasn't easy, it was actually hard at some points, especially on Saturdays. We discussed subjects that were very hard to discuss, and I'll admit I did find myself crying at times along with my fellow interns. I didn't realize that rape was such a HUGE issue here in America, and in the world. It just really opened my eyes and made it more real for me. People's bodies are being violated everyday and some of these people who go through these tragic events will never be the same again. Their life changes. That was what got me the most, how could someone go and take all of a person's power and violate them in their most personal space? 

It just disgusts me and it made it clear for me, that this is going to be a great opportunity and that I would not only get experience but also be able to make a difference and help a lot of people in my community.

Yesterday was my last day of training and now I will begin taking phone calls on the Rape Crisis Hotline. I got my badge now, that I can wear when I have to go on out calls to the hospital, police station or court. I also got a certificate that verifies that I'm now a, "Rape Crisis Center Advocate." I'm just so proud of myself for doing this and holding on until the very end, because I'll be the first to say it, I almost quit twice. It was that difficult! Now I can help those in need and get hours towards my internship and it will all be rewarding to me. 

If you guys ever want to talk to me about your own situation, I just wanted you to know that I'm here for you, and I can loan you a hearing ear, not through the Rape Crisis Center, but as a friend. Because, from my training, now I know what it's like for someone to have to go through this. 

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you guys have a safe weekend!

Kisses xoxo

Below I have included picture of my really cool badge and my certificate

Here is the back side of my badge. It just has my picture so that hospital staff or police officers can make sure i'm Rosey when I go on out calls. Also state some codes that protect me as an advocate and state what I can do.

This is the front side of my badge, pretty much just has my name and states that I'm an Advocate for the Rape Crisis Center :)

I apologize for the picture, I look very blah, it was taken on a Saturday morning during one of the trainings.

Here is my certificate, stating that I completed the State Certified Sexual Assault Counselor program for Advocate Training!

I'm just really excited that I can start working and start helping people. 

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