Monday, March 10, 2014

So Much Positive Feedback

Hey beautiful people! Yesterday after I posted my blog where I gave more details
about my internship I got a lot of positive feedback!!

I was so pleased to see that a lot of people were supporting me with this tough
subject. It really is considered a taboo subject here in America and a lot of
people are wearing blinders where they don't see and don't want to see that this
is affecting people everywhere. It could be your neighbors, your child's teacher
even your best friend. A lot of people don't come forward that they have been
sexually assaulted because they feel at fault and feel ashamed. When really they
were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Society has brainwashed us to blame
the victims and point fingers saying things like, "She was asking for it, she
wore that short dress!" But really, the person to blame is the perpetrator for
not controlling their impulses. Women shouldn't be afraid to wear a sexy outfit
when they are going out to a night club or be afraid to walk at night. The best
way to attempt to stop rape cases from increasing is to be aware. The media has
taught all of us that women want to be submissive and want "it"! But we need to
step back and look at the big picture and see that these individuals who have
been molested and/or raped are suffering and turn to drugs and alcohol and
become homeless. They don't just become homeless, they have gone through
something so horrendous that it has made them walk away from being themselves
and totally check out. This in turn affects our communities because the now
homeless addicts are stealing from common people who think of them as a waste of

As a person who has become aware about this important matter, I'm helping spread 
the word. I ask that you too help by telling your friends and family, help spread like the ripple effect :)

Muah xoxo

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