Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So, what did I do for Spring Break you may ask?.....

First off, I wanted to apologize for not being able to write a post on here. I know I said I would at least post once a day even if it was a one sentence line. However, life happened. And with life I have no control. My professors just seemed to be giving me lots of assignments and then I also had to go shopping and try to find outfits for my spring break.

My spring break was last week and I must say it did go by fast! I did feel as though I was gone from school for the longest time. Nonetheless, I really needed a break from school and studying and papers. I also needed to get out of Chico, so I went back home.

I went back home and my siblings and I took a weekend trip to Lake Tahoe. We rented a really, really nice condo. On Saturday we went sledding, sightseeing and played in the snow and on Sunday we went least attempted to snowboard....

I have been trying to keep up with making youtube videos, it's something that really makes me happy, I like making videos. Today I was able to create a vlog and I just uploaded the video. I pretty much talk about my spring break and what I did. I encourage you guys to check my video out, Spring Break Vlog, I've been playing with different features on my iMovie app. and it's just been a really fun time. I can't wait to do more different types of videos.

Thank you for reading my blog!! 
You guys rock!!

kisses xoxo

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