Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Funday!!!

Hey dolls! Today is my one and only day off from school and my internship! So many things I want to do.....

So those of you who know me or have recently followed me on Instagram, know that I've started a youtube channel. Okay guys!!! I think I have found something I really like to do, be in front of the camera! I didn't know how fun and entertaining it would be, but I really like it, as well as making videos!! Hmmm... I may change my major or career choice and become a news anchor woman.... lol j.k.

I have found it very difficult to find the time to write on my blog or even make a video for my channel!! During the week I'm always on the go and when I do have a bit of time to myself, I'm usually checking updates on my Facebook and Instagram.
I want to stay consistent with my videos for myself and for my subscribers. However, I have recently come to terms with the fact that I'm not super-woman and I can't have my cake and eat it too. I have come to accept that I really only have time to make my videos on Sunday. I'm no longer going to force myself to make videos during the weekdays when I'm extremely busy. Otherwise it will take the fun out of it and make it more like a job, which I don't need at the time, I have plenty of other jobs to keep me busy for a while. My internship training will only continue for another couple weeks and then I can finally start working with clients, which will give me more free time during the week. So until then, I will create and upload videos onto my channel on, Sundays.

Writing on my blog is a lot easier than making a video, so my goal is to write at least one post for my blog per day. I just got to get myself in the habit of it. So keep checking back to see if I have posted on my blog :)

Take a wild guess what this girl is doing right after this post? Making a youtube video!!! I'm so excited!!! There are few things that make me excited, and this is one of them, so make sure to check my youtube channel later for my video. Also, thanks for those of you who have subscribed, you guys are the best!! and for that I love you subbies <33 muah!!

Kisses xoxo

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