Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why are people prejudice?

So lately I have been thinking about racism, prejudice and discrimination. They all intertwine with each other in one way or another. But seriously, why are people prejudice?
For example, today I was on my Facebook and on my stream was a confession from the page, Chico College Confessions that really struck me in a way that made me feel angry and made me have so many questions.
The confession stated that the anonymous person was walking downtown when he noticed that a Muslim husband and wife were walking from just picking up their lunch, minding their own business. When out of nowhere, these two "red necks" as the anonymous confessor stated, yelled towards the Muslim woman and man the words, "Sand Ni****s" and "Towel Heads." Apparently the woman cried and the mad looked sad and they just got in their car and left, while the two guys that said the derogatory words laughed it off.
After reading this I just couldn't think, I let alone couldn't put myself in those poor Muslim people's shoes....the emotions that they must have carried and suppressed in order to not cause any unnecessary trouble. We all know from the media and pretty much anywhere that minorities are treated like the criminal in whatever case, even though it may have been a caucasian whom had began the fight or whatever it is.
I just wish people would understand that we are all human and we all have feelings and emotions. We cry when we get sad, we bleed red blood when we get cut and we have families that we love and would pretty much sacrifice our own needs to help our family.
I think those guys that bullied those people downtown are ignorant, they really don't know the situation and can't generalize the entire muslim population to be bad. Yes, some people where bad and did bad stuff to America, but it doesn't mean we have to take it out on everyone who looks like those people. In the inside all they want is love, they want to give love and survive the everyday life. Everyone exists to survive and within trying to survive by eating and having a roof over our heads we attempt to fulfill a purpose in this world. Whether it be help people, bring awareness or simply help the world go round. The world wouldn't exist if there were no field workers picking our fruits and veggies that we eat on a daily basis. If there were no checkers at the grocery store we wouldn't be able to buy food, if there were no teachers to teach new students so that they could go out there and provide services the world as we know it would crumble.
Back to my point, why are people prejudice? I think people just don't know. They don't have a friend from another race that could help change their mind frame and their stereotypes to that specific group. If they could only walk a day in the life of another race that is far from their own, then and only then, I believe that these people with these pre-conceived ideas about other races will then have a change of mind and a change of heart. But until then, this world will not be at peace, not until we decide to communicate and work together and change the way we think....
Just my thoughts of the day, let me know what you think...

Kisses xoxo

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