Monday, February 24, 2014

Video Is Posted

So I just uploaded my video titled, "Side Braid Hair Tutorial," and I'm not completely excited about it the way I should be. It sounds very static. But I'm going to accept this and learn from it and make better videos. Live and Learn right?

Also, I was very fortunate that a friend of mine, Aj, was able to help me out and provided the music to my video. The song is amazing, and I urge you guys to go check it out, AJG & WATTZ ft. Chris Rene, "I'm So Gone." You guys can type the artist and song title onto Youtube, and it should take you to their music video. Many thanks to Aj for coming to my rescue!

Okay guys, I have to get offline and do a couple of homework assignments that are due tomorrow. Please do me a favor and go check out my new video and I'd appreciate any feedback, whether it be positive or negative..... hopefully positive.

Hope you guys have an amazing night!!

Kisses xoxo

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