Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day Recap

So yesterday was Valentine's Day and it is one of those "corporate holidays," that I really don't mind celebrating. Any day can be Valentine's Day really, but I like the idea of it and seeing the stores filled with hearts and "I Love You" posted everywhere.
I also think it's fun! I like getting all dolled up and going on a date with my guy. He too likes the idea of Valentine's Day and takes it seriously. Which I love! Mainly because he does make a point of putting everything else on hold, to be able to spend that night with me.

My Valentine's day began like any other day. Except, I know it sounds corny but I felt that love was in the air. I was excited because this is just another excuse to pick out a cute outfit and do your hair and make up and get to spend the day with your love! 
I had school in the morning and things didn't go as planned originally. I was busy with assignment after assignments and I had to take care of that first. I didn't have the time to get ready before my classes. It was ok though because we didn't have plans until about 5pm. I got home at about 2pm and my bf gave me a gift, I opened it and it was something I've been wanting to get for awhile now. It was nail polish organizer rack!! Perfect! Just what I needed :) 

I then proceeded to take a shower and then get ready. Apparently as I was getting ready, the bf snuck out to go buy me some of my favorite chocolate and a rose! A Rose for Rosey!!!

We went to a Chinese restaurant where I ordered my fav: beef chow mien, orange chicken, sweet and sour chicken with some spring rolls! 
I was actually glad we decided to eat at the Chinese restaurant, it was busier than any other day but what people were really ordering was Sushi!!! and guess what?! I HATE SUSHI!!! I don't like it one bit! I just find it very un-appetizing and I don't know......raw fish doesn't really sound good to me! My boyfriend feels the exact same way about Sushi as I do, so it worked out perfectly. Dinner was amazing, the restaurant was beautiful and our table was candle lit. We were sat in a room with about four other tables, so it wasn't loud at all. The whole vibe was romance and love! It was a very romantic night!
We were going to go see the movie starring, Kevin Hart, About Last Night, but I was already exhausted from my long week that I told my boyfriend that I wasn't up for the movies. We decided to go home and watch a movie on Netflix!
Before we went home, we stopped by at, U Swirl Frozen Yogurt. I was too tired to go inside and the bf was sweet enough to go inside and get me a cup of my favorite yogurt with my favorite toppings! We ate it there in the parking lot while we shared laughs and stories about our day!

I had an amazing Valentine's Day with an amazing person, and yes I agree, Valentine's Day shouldn't exist to remind you to spend time together. The bf and I spend numerous dates together just like this but something about Valentine's Day makes it extra special. Maybe knowing that all the couples out there are also experiencing love and spending time with their significant other gives off a strong vibe and makes the experience memorable!

Here are some pictures from yesterday, Valentine's Day <3

Besitos xoxo

Here, I'm wearing a floral print skater skirt with a basic maroon tank top. I wore black opaque tights since it was a little bit cold outside. To top of my look I wore a black knit cardigan sweater.

Just a close up of my hair and make up, I'm wearing a necklace from forever 21 that I hadn't worn before. I chose to wear it last night because it really completed my outfit!

The rose and chocolate that my boyfriend snuck out of the house to get me. 
He's such a sweetheart =)

This is the delicious dinner we had, if you didn't know before, you do now, I LOVE Chinese food! Except Sushi....yuck!!

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